Music for motion pictures

Kyoji's Brand new filmscore!! "Siren"
On theater 2018!!

・Starring Samyu "Nakano High school girl's Boring Holiday"
DVD on sale soon!!

Kyoji's new filmscore of the documentary film−"Let's laugh as many as we weep"

・Brand new filmscore documentary film "Let's laugh as many as we weep"
Check out the Official Siteof the documentary film

・Tetsuko no Sodatekata"

(C)Nagoya TV DVDtrailer fromvTV drama of railroad maniac people"

Theme from TV drama "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"

Theme from "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"


Theme from a comedy drama about a girl who wants to be a female personality of the TV station
On aired at Nagoya TV

From film "The disorder"

Theme from "the disorder"

Movie about bullying and violence in schools directed by Masatoshi Tojo. The music was for inauspicious scene in the movie

Theme from "This world of ours"

Theme from "This world of Ours"

Won awards atPia film festival,New york Asian film festival
Sensational film directed by Ryo Nakajima.
The film was shown in 7 Countries worldwide, and received vital responce from all over the world

Nobody but you can hear itーcalling you

Theme from "Nobody but you can hear it"

Theme from CD drama "Nobody but you can hear. Soundtrack theme written for solo violin and piano.

Viva! Peru!

Viva! Peru!

TV programs for the sightseeing of peru entitled "VIVA! Peru!" Features the folklore instruments of Peru

Short film "The uphill climb"

Theme from up hill

Won award (screenplay)atIsumi movie festival nominated work inSkip City International Digital cinema festival & Short Short Film Festival Asia The love story with sweet and sour taste.

Theme from "The deserted hospital"

Theme from deserted hospita

Short film used also as an advertising film for Amusement park Fujikyu Highland
Music for horror movie is something the composer find it fun to make

The "Yama-Oni" A computer graphic animation with Ghibli influence. Received "Bien award"At Toride open air film festival

Music by Video

Salome (Macoto Tezuka)

Opheria (Macoto Tezuka)

・Music for PC Games

Little Lovers
featuring,Konami Yoshida,Shoko Sugawara,Yuko Sasamoto

The world's first Love simulation game.

"Little Lovers 2nd
featuring;Maaya Sakamoto

Little Lovers second version.!! Theme music was very popular among the "Little Lover" fan。

Kyoji Ohno has composed for almost every category of motion pictures.
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