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Videos of Kyoji's piano preformance
The following are all You tube videos. These may give you an idea of my preformance。

・Kyoji plays the "Honky-tonk piano"with tribute to the great Scott Joplin's anniverssary. The 100th anniverssary of his death (2017) and 150th Birthday anniverssary(2018) Camera employs the 360°Camera

Kyoji's free jazz performance There are 4 very familiar melodies inserted in the improvisation. Can you name all of them?

Brand new piano works by Kyoji Ohno

Kyoji's Jazzy number "Gotham City Waltz"。
From 2008 September Concert at Takaido Club

"Short Story" One of the popular number of Kyoji's piano work
Performed at Kawasaki educational hall in April 2008


Kyoji's Jazzy work "Patio" Works for String orchestra and Jazz band Performed at Lobby concert at Nishi Shinjuku Mitsui Building July 2005

Orchestra arrangement of Queen's"Love of my life" with Kyoji performing the piano

This piece was written for the victimes of 911 and the war that followed 911
Performed at Takaido Club in 2008

「Kimi no Egao o mite mitai」(I want to see your smile on your face
Song about the orphans who lost their families in the war. Song Performed by Megumi Okutsu

Music samples in video and trailers

1.Theme_from_Namida no kazu dake waraoyo "Let's laugh more than you weep"

Theme from feature documentary "Let's laugh more than you weep" Japanese traditional theme arranged in Jazz style

2.Theme from original art video "Salome"

Original Art Video directed by Macoto Tezuka

3.So Happy Dream

Written for commercial video of pet shampoo

4.The door into tomorrow

Theme from video game "Little Lovers 2nd" Promotion Video


The "Yama-Oni" A computer graphic animation with Ghibli influence. Received "Bien award"At Toride open air film festival

6.The Up-hill Climb

From the short film "The uphill climb".Nominated in Skip City International Digital Film Festival and Short Short Film Festival Asia

7.Theme from original art video "Opheria"

Original Art Video directed by Macoto Tezuka

8.Mei-ho-do Commercial

Commercial for Shang hi International Film Festival. Also on-aired in Chinese television

9.This world of ours

Won award at PFF(Pia Film Festival) and New York Asian Film Festival. Screened at 11 International Film Festivals