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Kyoji Ohno

Composer Arranger Music producer
Person of 33professional carrier years .

Music samples
Please take a listen to my music

Image song for the company product

  • So happy dream
  • Song used for sales promotion campaign for dog shampoo company

    Lillies "Dragon"

  • Lillies "Dragon"
  • Kyoji worked as an arranger for the Japanese twins group "Lillies"
    Kyoji also arranged the ensemble of their live concerts

    Theme from TV drama "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"

  • Theme from TV drama "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"
  • Theme from a comedy drama about a girl who wants to be a female personality of the TV station
    On aired at Nagoya TV

    Theme from the filmscore "This world of Ours"

  • Theme from "This world of Ours"
  • The film "This world of ours" directed by Ryo Nakajima, was awarded 3 prizes in Pia Film Festival in 2007, and also was awarded "Best Debut Feature" in Subwaycinema "Asian Film Festival 2007" in New York
    Film strongly influenced by Kublick's "Clockwork Orange" , the theme uses the motif of Baroque Music with a contemporary taste.

    Theme triste from the filmscore "This world of Ours"

  • Sad theme from "This world of Ours"
  • From the soundtrack of "This world of Ours" see above for details

    Drama theme "Nobody but you can hear it "calling you"

  • Theme from "Nobody but you can hear it [calling you"
  • From popular Novelist "Otsu-ichi"s drama

    Sound Logo Jingle

  • Sound logo image of the cosmetic product
  • Sound logo expressing the image of the product.

  • Vision
  • From his album "metanature".
    The music has become No.1 at mp3.com/electronic/ambient.
    For more informationClick here

    Viva! Peru!

  • Viva! Peru!
  • TV programs for the sightseeing of peru entitled "VIVA! Peru!" Features the folklore instruments of Peru

    Sales promotion song

  • "Ritchell Inc" Sales promotion Song
  • Sales promotion and corporate identity song

    Sleeping Music NO.1

  • Sleeping Music No.1
  • From relaxation music CD"Mind Control music"
    Ohno has a rather strange and special ability to make people fall asleep by his music. Anybody who has trouble getting asleep, I would suggest you to try it.

    Songs for motion pictures

    The door into tommorrow

  • Listen to the song of the game"Little Lovers 2nd"
  • Theme from PC game"Little Lovers II"
    Ohno's best field for songwriting may be writing love ballad.songs.
    This song was especially popular among the game fans.

    Kyoji's concert past gigs
    Orchestra a la carte From Space to Opera to Rock'n roll (April 4)
    2nd version of"Rock'n roll with Symphony Orchestra"performed in 2006 APerformed number from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones and more with Orchestra and rockband

    s Everybody's concert in Kawasaki(April.19,2008)
    Performed at city hall in City of Kawasaki, which greatly support the music performances.

    September Concert in Japan (Sept 11.2007, Sept 12,2008 Sept 13.2009)
    The 9.11 Music event held every year in Japan. The series of concert was organized by Mayo Shono, a distinguished singer-songwriter in Japan

    Lilies Lice at Pacific Hotel 30F Lounge (March 28, June 2 2007)
    Hotel Live performances with popular twins vocal group "Lilies"

    Lilies "Fantastic Forest in Classic" Blue Jay Way (Oct 24 2006 N)
    2nd Concert after restoration, The concert was performed in Classical piano trio style, which all of the arrangement was done by Kyoji Ohno.

    "Lilies Restoration "Fantastic Forest Concert(June 25 2006 N)
    After 25 years of absense, Lillies held thev "Restoration concert" With Kyoji Producing the album"Karinga/Dragon"

    Tokyo Orval Keio-Kaku (May 3-5 2006)
    Jazz Trio performance at the Cycle race track stadium. Though most of the numbers were Jazz standard numbers

    Rock sounds with Saloon Orchestra (March 28 2006)
    As a part of Zenro-sai Music Festival, Kyoji arranged the 70's rock music with the Rock Band with "Berlin style" Orchestra.
    All Music was arranged and produced by Kyoji Ohno

    Rock sounds with Saloon Orchestra Lobby concert at Nishi-Shinjuku Mitsui Building Lobby @ @(July 22 2004)
    The very first time which Kyoji arranged the some of the rock numbers for Orchestra and Rockband

    C'est la vie Yatsugatake Garden of the Earth" (Sept 2004)
    Series of concerts performed atGarden of the Earth" Hotel resort. Kyoji performed the piano and also directed the band performance

    Kyoji"s works

    Music works

    Music for Healing & Relaxation "Mind control music" Vol1-30 (1989-93)
    Album of Seiji Tanaka (1991)
    Album of Tadashi Satoh (1994)
    Music for Healing & Relaxation "Relax Illusion" (1997)
    Pet music for Dogs (2000)
    Lilies Kalinga/Dragon"(2008)
    Megumi Okutsu "Mirai" (2009)
    Hiromi Yoshida So Happy Dream (2012)
    Music for Cosmetic care for"Cosme De Corte AQMW" Kose Cosmetics(2013)
    Dare to overcome Anthem (2021)

    Arrangement works

    Utau Kinniku" (2000)- Arrangemnt for teaching material
    ALilies Kalinga/Dragon"(2008)
    Tomoko Yoshioka "Gluck" (2009)
    Kawaii Music Educational System "Music Together Vol1-4 Arrangemnt for teaching material(2012)
    Operetta "Die Herzogin von Chicago "(2017) Musical arrangement for Japan Premiere

    Filmscores(Composed and scored)

    "Deserted Hospital"(1999) Masato Sasaki Director
    DramaDrama"Anybody but you [Calling you"(2003)
    "This world of ours" 2007)Dir. Ryo Nakajima
    '"This is why I can't sleep (2012) Dir. Keiichiro Takefuji
    '"The disorder (2012) Dir. Masatoshi Tojo
    '"Nakano High school girl's Boring Holiday" Dir. Kei Nakada(2016)
    '"Let's laugh as many as we weep" Dir. Keiichiro Takefuji(2016)
    '"Theater with a view" Dir. Kei Nakada(2020)
    '"Jazz Godfather" Dir.Shunji Takahashi(2023)
    Music for Videos TV programs (Composed and scored)

    "Salome" 'Opheria"(1991) Macoto Tezuka Director
    Catastrophe and Broadcast systems (1995) Video documentary NHK "Shakyin" (2011)-NHK Educational programs
    "Tetsuko no Sodatekata" (2013)-TV Dramas
    "Viva Peru" (2013)-Theme music

    Music for Games and multimedeias(Composed)
    'Tsukuba Expo"-Hitachi Pavilion(1985)
    Music for haunted house attraction 'Thriler house"'Shock 119"(1986) Fujikyu Highland
    'Little Lovers"(1996) Nikkei Visual
    'Little Lovers"II(1998) Nikkei Visual
    Fukuoka Science Museum Simulator "Virtual Kids"(1999)
    Aichi Sewage Museum Simulator "Virtual Micro Kids"(2000)
    -Shotaro Ishinomori memorial Museum"Virtual Town"(2000)
    NTT communication-V-portal(2001)
    "Space Joiners"(2002)
    SIGRAPH2003-"Magic Platte"(2003)

    'NTTCommunications"V-portal"(1985) Jingle
    'Hoken-Clinic "(2008) sanki
    CM Song for "Ritchell"(2012) EVernal "Kihana" Jingle(2015) Butterfly "Open your heart"" CM music(2022)

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